Nº 1 HAIRPIN | Grand Collection Box – Devynios spalvos


Negalite pasirinkti spalvos? Mes suprantame! Štai kodėl sukūrėme savo Nº 1 HAIRPIN Grand Collection Box. Šiame kolekcijos rinkinyje yra visos mūsų pirmosios devynios spalvos.


Spalvos: juoda, ruda, smaragdo žalia, braškių rožinė, jūros kriauklių rožinė, karamelė, švelni smėlio, viliojanti mėlyna ir skaidri.

Produkto sudėtis: plastikas (perdirbamas)

Gamintojas No. 1 HAIRPIN & Fiona Franchimon Haircare (Nyderlandai)



Nº 1 HAIRPIN | Set Grand Collection Box – Nine Colors

Can’t choose a color? We understand! That’s why we created our Nº 1 HAIRPIN Grand Collection Box. This collection set contains nine colors all together.

Colors: Black, Brown, Emerald Green, Strawberry Pink, Seashell Pink, Smooth Caramel, Soft Beige, Tantalizing Blue and Transparent.

  • Design

    • No sharps edges and flexible
    • No damage, kinks or marks
    • Waterproof and anti static
  • Lock

    • Strong hold all day
    • Replaces 5 bobby pins
    • Prevents hair from slipping out
  • Curved Shape

    • Comfortable wearing
    • Painless and no pressure on the hair
    • Traceless

    How to use the №1 Hairpin

    The №1 HAIRPIN

    The curved shape, the reliable lock, the flexibility and the hygienic material all make the № 1 HAIRPIN a unique hairtool. Its grip is at least 5 times stronger than an average bobby pin. Because of the curved shape the pin sits comfortably in your hair and stays in there all day without feeling it. The pin is easy to use, it won’t damage your hair and it won’t leave any kinks. And the best thing: it will keep the volume alive all day!

    Create endless looks

    It has never been easier to switch between hairstyles. Go for classy looks like the chic ponytail or the side updo. Or go for a more everyday look you can go for the top knot, a braid or our signature look.

    Just one tool

    With the goal to help all women effortlessly create elegant hairstyles using only one hairtool, the № 1 HAIRPIN came to life after a careful process of creation. Its elegance manifests in the volume the hairpin brings out while creating a hair shape that compliments the face perfectly.

    “I see hair as a jewel that you always carry with you and that you should always take good care of.”Founder and Creator Fiona Franchimon.

Nº 1 HAIRPIN | Grand Collection Box - Devynios spalvos